Hey There, I am Aashray Arora.

I am a Graduate Student at Stony Brook University. I am studying my passion here, computer science! I work at the File Systems and Storage lab under Prof. Erez Zadok.Come on... Scroll down... know more about me.


A small introduction about me, myself and I.

Aashray Arora

Computer Science Graduate Student - Stony Brook University, New York.

I started my grduate studies at Stony Brook in the Fall of 2014. I am very passionate to learn more and do some reserach in Systems Programming. I work at the File Systems and Storage lab under Prof. Erez Zadok

I have worked at NetApp for a little over 3 years, the first year of which I was an undergraduate intern in my final year of Bachelors. I worked on APIs and evangilism of the NetApp APIs that help form integrations with NetApp Storage Systems. I did my Bachelors in Computer Science from PES University in Bangalore, where I worked on a lot of projects on Android system progroming, web technologies, machine learning and Natural Language processing. Yeah, I pretty much tried my hand at everything. I love the field in general and I want to be adaptable.

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JAVA & Android Programming

I like object-oriented programming


This is how I build my back-end if I don't use Java

C, C++

Systems programming

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August 2014 - current


Stony Brook University

Master of Science in Computer Science

I am now a graduate student in Stony Brook University. I joined in the Fall of 2014. I will update this once my course work starts.

June 2012- July 2014



Software Engineer

Responsible for working on and improving NetApp's Manageability SDK (Software Development Kit) and helping customers with it. Help customers and partners at NetApps developer community (developer.netapp.com). Developing Mobile based solutions for NetApp products using the SDK. Developing Mobile Applications for Android,IOS,etc. that complement NetApp products.

June 2011- May 2012



Software Engineer Intern

Developed APIs to perform WAFL (Write Anywhere File System - NetApp’s propriety file management system) manipulation tasks from virtual servers and cloud environments. Developed an Eclipse plug-in to automate application Development using NetApp APIs. Developed a Real-time documentation search application for Android. A core Database application using Virtual Tables in SQLite and Full-text search techniques.



PES University


Completed a lot of projects while a student in this university, can be found here. I always tried to practically apply things I have been taught in theory. Took up challenging elective courses like Advanced Mobile Systems Engineering. Did an undergraduate thesis on "Context-Sensitive Handwriting Recognition". A few courses : Analysis and Design of Algorithms Data Structures Software Engineering Mobile Systems Engineering Advanced Mobile Systems Engineering Database Management Systems Web Technologies Web 2.0 Enterprise Resource Planning Theory of Computation Object Oriented Programming Object Oriented Modeling and Design Principles

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